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1950 Waycross Road

Cincinnati, OH 45240

Blue Chip Plumbing was established in 1985 as a Residential, Commercial and Industrial plumbing service company. We have a reputation for quality work, reliable service and competitive prices. At Blue Chip Plumbing we have the finesse it takes to handle the small delicate jobs while retaining the muscle it takes to handle the largest of jobs. As a division of Queen City Mechanicals we have the ability to handle any size or type of plumbing issue you may encounter.

Brothers, Bryan and Brad Gilbert are the proud owners of Blue Chip Plumbing. Combined they have over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry and are passionate about exceeding your expectations.



Blue Chip:

a business or undertaking with an outstanding record

one that is outstanding

the highest

having outstanding or exemplary qualities

Of the best sort; first-rate


considered to be a valuable asset

high value

a reputation for stability

“High-quality, low-risk”

reputation for quality, reliability

one that can be trusted of top quality.

AKA: Blue Chip Plumbing